Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day -2 after c-section

In the morning, my catherter was removed and I had my breakfast. After that I made my first move and tried to get up from the bed on my own. It was very difficult as my legs were swollen as well because of oedema. With the help of my hubby, I got up from bed. I don't like hospital beds they are just so uncomfortable. Went to take my shower. Such a simple activity felt like a painful task at that time. But I felt good that I am forcing my body out of my comfort zone at that time.

After that I went for a bit of walk in the lounge, again forced myself to step outside comfort zone. After walking I didn't feel like climbing on bed again as lying down, changing positions were the most difficult tasks at that time. I was taking panadol,Endol, voltaren,iron, vitamin C tablets throughout the day. Endol is a narcotic drug in the same family as PVC. It was abating the pain.

Prisha was sleeping peacefully and touchwood, she was better at breastfeeding compared to Aarav.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 1 after C-Section

I didn't have much of sleep in night after the operation. Was feeling so tired. Epidural was wearing down, I had started to feel bit of pain. Nurse came and told me about PVC, whenever I feel pain just press the button to get PVC. It's not strong like epidural but it will help with the pain. When I looked at my abdomen I got really scared. It looked so loose and saggy. I could feel the movement of blood and could hear the sound of gases, because of no muscles. Uterus had started to contract and it was painful. I was able to wiggle my toes and was feeling bit of sensation in legs. To prevent blood clots, the nurse has tied some simulator belt on half legs which was helping in the circulation of bloods.

I looked at my angel and I felt that I was paying the price of getting my angel which I didn't regret. If the angel hasn't arrived the whole life I would have missed her presence.

The whole night, kunal was changing the diaper and cleaning the vomit of prisha. He didn't get any sleep as well. I love my hubby for being there always. When he is around, I feel less pain. Anyways, the whole day I was lying on bed only. Doctor came around 8 am and she told me that I have to start walking soon then only real healing will start. It will be very painful in beginning but I will start feeling better after that. Anaesthesist also came to check me after that and told me the same thing. When midwife came and asked me if I would like to walk, I told her let the PVC on till evening and after that remove the catherter and I could take a walk then.

The thought of taking a walk at that time was scary but I wanted to feel better so I waited till evening. Evening nurse came and she removed the PVC and started giving me painkillers orally. It was awfully painful. She didn't want to remove the catherter at that time as it was too late and if I couldn't walk she wasn't in a position to put it back again.

I was missing aarav so much, he came in evening and in beginning he was looking scared and was very quiet. I think, he didn't like watching me lying on the bed with drips inserted in my arms. we gave him buzz and told him that prisha had brought this gift for him. After sometime he started patting her and became alright. I missed him so much in last 24 hours and just wanted to hug him. When he left , I started missing him again so much.