Wednesday, December 1, 2010

9 month old

Aarav is 9 months old now. Feels like he was born yesterday. Last 9 months have been the best moments of my life. He is a darling. Whereever he goes, people fall in love with him. Now, he has started to stand on his own, takes few steps and sits down when his tiny feet get tired.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First month

First few weeks were very challenging. We both were new to breastfeeding, I was having problem in attaching him properly and Aarav was finding sucking bit difficult. At times he did it without any extra effort but other times he used to forget. As as result just after 2 days of his birth he got dehydrated and lost 12 % of his birth weight and was admitted to nursery for 4 days. When the doctor insterted needle in his tiny veins, I couldn't stop my tears from flowing. Those 4 days were like a nightmare when he used to scream in pain. The good thing was that infection came under control, I started getting milk and we both were given discharge. I wish all the babies in nursery recover fast and live a normal life.

Aarav has been very alert since day 1. He loves looking at our eyes. It feels like those big eyes are trying to say something.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arrival of Baby

On 25th Feb, mild contraction started which gradually changed its intensity. My midwife came to visit me on 26th feb, did an internal examination and unfortunatley my cervix hadn't started to dilate. She again came in the evening and the findings were still the same. It was getting quiet frustrating for me as the pain was getting severe and the frequency of contractions had increased but still the cervix dilation didn't start. I was really lucky as my husband was thoroughly with me during those contractions. He was helding my hand and used to start counting whenever the contractions used to start.

On 27th morning another midwife came to visit me and she told me to focus on breathing rather than clench my fists whenever contractions start. It did help me. The best way to face contraction is to deeply inhale, and feel the air getting into your lungs and then exhale. She told me the pain is in your mind and you can easily manipulate it. By afternoon I had started vomiting and was not able to eat or drink anything. I was just putting ice cubes in my mouth to keep myself hydrated. Finally we went to birth center and there we met another midwife who was like an angel to me. The plan was to get me morphine injection so that I could get some sleep and become ready for final labor. At 8 pm , morphine was injected to me and by 12 am I was up again. And then the severe contraction started and I felt like doing a poo everytime it came.

On 28th morning, doctor came to visit me and by that time my cervix was dilated by 3 cm. My water was broken and epidural was administered to me. After taking epidural I slept peacefully for 7-8 hours. Finally at 5:30 pm I started pushing and at 8:24 my little bundle of joy came out. When he was given to me, I just couldn't stop crying. That's the most precious moment of my hubbys and my life. We both looked at each other and said it feels like a sweet dream.

I named my baby "Aarav" meaning peaceful. When he first opened his eyes I felt a little angel is looking at me with so much of love. I am very thankful to my hubby for supporting me throughout. Even when I was pushing , he was thoroughly encouraging me and was actually helding my leg so that I can push.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 38

Yesterday I went to visit my midwife and she told me that baby's head is engaged. It's deep inside the pelvis. For last 2 days bubs movement have decreased a lot. It's not moving vigourously now. My midwife assured me it's all normal as very little space is left for bub now.Braxton Hick contractions have increased, making it very uncomfortable for me to walk now. I try to stay active but the tightening of uterus restricts all of my activities. At times, I get period like feeling, which is a good sign. My midwife told me that my baby is a happy baby and the body is well prepared for contractions. Hoping for the best :)