Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 36 of pregnancy!

Baby is still gaining weight -- about 28 grams a day. She weighs around 2.7 kilograms and is 45 centimetres long from head to toe. 

You may begin to feel an increased pressure in your lower abdomen and notice that your baby is gradually dropping. This is called lightening or engagement, and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch out a little -- breathing and eating should become easier. However, walking may become increasingly uncomfortable -- some women say it feels as if the baby is going to fall out. Also, you may still feel as if you need to go to the loo all the time. 

The good news is that by the end of this week, your pregnancy will be full-term and you could give birth any day now. (Babies between 37 and 42 weeks are considered full-term -- a baby born before 37 weeks is premature and after 42 is post-term.) At your weekly visit, your doctor or midwife may check to see if you've started dilating (when the cervix opens) and effacing (when the cervix thins). The midwife will also check what position the baby is in, in order to estimate how far the baby has dropped into the pelvis. This information will be entered into your maternity notes so that your midwife in will know the position of the baby when you go into labour.

Feels like baby has moved down as I feel too much of pressure in pelvis. Not sure if she has engaged as I got very weak muscles so it's quite possible that she will float till the end. On 16th february, we are having my baby shower and Aarav's 3rd bday party. His birthday is on 28th feb but we doing it early as 28th might get too close to due date. I have selected Dinasour as his bday theme, have ordered all party supplies, got his dino t-shirt, his bday cake is also in shape of dinasour. Feel so excited. I haven't prepared my maternity bag. Most probably will do it after 16th. My in-laws have come to help us during the delivery and it feels nice to have them around. Specially, we don't need to worry about Aarav a lot as someone is here to look after him.

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