Friday, March 22, 2013

Bub's arrival

On 10th march, I started feeling contractions at an interval of 7-15 minutes which started around 8 pm. By 11 pm they got worse and I called up Calvary Birth suite and they asked me to come for a check up. On reaching there, the midwife started the CTG. Then she took my temperature and blood pressure and found everything to be normal. Then she told me she would need to an internal examination to check the status of Cervix. Thinking that I did it so many times in the previous pregnancy it might be easier this time. The moment she started doing it , I started screaming. Gosh, it was so painful. I held kunals hand and started crying. I told her last time they had given me gas and it was bit comfortable. Anyways, Cervix was closed so nothing could be done and we came back home.

11th march:
I didn't feel much of pain during morning hours but again the contractions started during night. It was more painful than the previous night. I was scared to go to hospital because of the internal checkup. Somehow I spent the night in pain.

12th march:
Contractions became more intense, I called up midwife at calvary and she asked me to come over. We dropped Aarav at childcare and we went straight to the hospital. The midwife took us to the birthsuite and she started doing CTG and called up my obstetrician Dr. Rosy Ahuja. It was 10:30 am. My mucous plug had started discharging. Rosy came at 12:30 , gave me gas and did the internal checkup. Because of the gas I started to feel dizzy. Cervix was 3 cm dilated, she broke water. After some time anaethesist Monica came and she gave me epidural. Epidural at that time felt like the best possible thing on the world. After that they started antibiotics, and the labour inducing hormone in drips. It felt so relaxing after 2 painful nights. I took some sleep. At 5:30 Rosy came again and she found that cervix was 10cm dilated, she told me not to take more epidural and to start pushing in an hour. Aftern an hour when contraction got more intense I started pushing. Somehow I wasn't feeling the same pressue which I had felt during Aarav's time. Anyways, I continued pushing for an hour. Rosy came after an hour and she found that baby is no where close to cervix and had changed its position. She also mentioned that baby had developed some bumps on the head. She said C-section was the best option at that time. I started to cry hearing that. Anyways, they prepared me for the surgery and took me to the theatre and I think around 8, the operation finally started. I was so thirsty but I wasn't allowed to take even a sip as you are not supposed to eat or drink before surgery. Another anaesthesist came and he gave me a stronger dose of epidural. After that I shivered for next 2-3 hours continuously and felt very pukish. He kept on giving me some intravenous injections to help me with nausea. Kunal joined after some time. Though I was conscious but I wasn't fully aware of what was happening around. I was feeling very nervous and scared. I was just praying that God please keep my bub safe. Finally at 8:37 I heard the first cry of my baby and I became happy mom of my darling prisha. I remember seeing a glimpse of her over the screen. After some time, Kunal brought her to me and I couldn't believe that my angel has arrived finally. But by that time I had started to feel very weird. I started to feel oh God what's happening, it just doesnt feel alright. After taking out placenta, the doctor had started to stitch me but she had a tough time doing that because I didn't have muscles. In the process I lost blood as well. Loss of blood started to make me feel more giddy. The anaesthesist was really good, he kept on coming to me and offered verbal support that I am doing good and it will be over in 15 minutes. I think, it finally stopped by 9:50 pm. I was taken to recovery room. Where they monitored my blood pressure. I had started to feel very cold by then. I stayed there for some time and then was taken to my room. I was lying like a vegetable and the ward boy was shifting me from one stretcher to another. At that time nothing mattered, I just wanted to see my baby and hubby.

The ordeal ended and I entered my room where kunal was sitting holding prisha. 

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