Friday, March 1, 2013

Baby is half way down!

I went to see my obstetrician this morning and she told me that baby is half way down, which is a good sign. My bowel movement has increased since morning and feeling too much of pressure in pelvis. If anything happens on the weekend it will be good as my doctor is on call so she will be there for my delivery. Still have to finish my maternity bag packing. Feel happy that we had celebrated Aarav's birthday on time. My birthday is on 6th march and my hubby's is on 15th march, it will be interesting to see which day baby decides to arrive :)

Braxton hicks have increased a lot in last 2 days and at times I just start to feel giddy when that happens. Doc said it's normal , I just need to count baby's movement now. If she doesn't move for 2-3 hours even after stimulation then need to call up hospital. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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