Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 24 of pregnancy

Bub is growing steadily. Her body is filling out and taking up more room in the uterus (womb) but her skin is still thin and fragile. 

For all you know, baby may also be developing a weakness for sweets! Her tastebuds are forming, and, believe it or not, acquiring a sweet tooth is all part of it. The other big milestone your baby reaches is that she may now survive, with specialist care, if she is born prematurely.

Read more: http://www.babycenter.com.au/stages/0124/#ixzz2CihfRVue

In last one week, Braxton Hicks contractions have increased specially during the night time. Ponyo/Enyo kicks have become more prominent. I remember, during aarav's time i felt the first butterfly kick on 22nd november 2009 and this time I have been feeling them since week 12 only. 16 weeks more to go. During Aarav's time , I was unable to eat any sweets but this time I actually get the craving to eat sweet along with spicy things. No wonder, they say that every bub is unique :)

I will be undergoing glucose test some time this week. Overall, this week has been very tiring and exhausting. 

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