Wednesday, August 29, 2012

12 Weeks pregnant

Baby's face is beginning to look more human, even though she is only about 5.5cms long from her crown to her rump and weighs 14 grams. The eyes, which started out on the sides of the head, have moved closer together. The ears are almost in their normal position on the side of the head. The liver is making bile and the kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder. 

The fetus squirms if the abdomen is prodded, although its too early to  feel movement. Fetal nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and synapses (neurological connections in your brain) are forming. The fetus has acquired more reflexes: touching the palms makes the fingers close, touching the soles of the feet makes the toes curl down and touching the eyelids makes the eye muscles clench. 

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I completed week 12 on 28.08.2012. Morning sickness, to my relief, has become much better. Not throwing up every hour now. I could feel that uterus has moved in the lower abdomen. If I stand for too long,  I start to feel breathless. I have booked for Nuclear Translucence test on 31st August. Feel so excited that I will be seeing my bub again.

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