Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aarav is going to have a sibling

On 6th july, I took a pregnancy test and to my surprise it came positive. It was the same feeling which i had during Aarav''s time. When the second bar appeared, I thought something is wrong with the test. I took 3 more tests after that  and all of them confirmed it. I thought of calling my hubby immediately who had gone to Sydney but then I thought it would be nice to see his reaction when I tell him. The whole day I just waited for him to come so that I can break the news to him. And when I told him, he also couldn't believe it. He was happy just like me. Though we were not trying for a baby at that time but no one can stop the happiness from coming :)

Aarav is 2.5 year old, when his brother/sister will be born, he will be 3 years old. I think thats the perfect gap between them. He is such an adorable boy who brings joy to us each and every day. I am waiting for the day when both of them will play, giggle together.

We both want to have a girl this time, but whoever comes will bring more happiness in the family.

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